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Check out our latest feedback from some of our past Students. We have an excellent 98 % pass rate. If you'd like to become a part of our success stories, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to listen and would be glad to advise you. 

..and the result is a huge

PASS. Congratulations,

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Sorsh Obg  recommends Global Driving School. 16 March · 

Absolutely delighted with the help and support from Umar he was brilliant, it was my 4th time doing my test so I decided I needed to find the best driving school to help me and I passed with flying colours. highly recommend to use global driving school if you want to pass!

Richard Kiely  recommends Global Driving School. /21 hrs · 
1 global driving school student passed d

I can't recommend Umar or Global Driving School enough. He has infinite patience, a hugely calm and reassuring demeanour and an ability to coach/teach that i've rarely encountered before. He turned me from a poor driver who was inevitably going to fail into a confident and very competent driver who sailed through the test first time.. Thank you Global Driving School.

Maria Eugênia Slattery  recommends Global Driving School.12 February at 10:41 · 

I can highly recommend Umar as a driver instructor! My nerves were killing me and after driving for 10 years in Brazil he was able to give me the best tips and all classes were very valuable to make sure None of my bad habits would jeopardise the test. I passed in Churchtown, first time pass, and I couldn’t be happier! 🚗thanks Umar!!

Wellington Luiz  recommends Global Driving School. 21 hrs · 

Very happy with the instructions and patience during the lesson and even happier with the result. I passed in the driving test by paying attention of what the instructor said. Thanks Global Driving School. Thanks Umar.

Billy Patton  recommends Global Driving School. 26 February at 04:34 · 

I 💯 % recommend Umar. He was as professional from Start to Finish. He showed me everything I needed to know. Explained as easy as could be. Without a doubt I owe this 1st time pass to him. Thank you Umar, for all your help! Both whilst driving and with questions I had through texts. Would have no issue/hesitation to recommend this Service. Brilliant

Firstly I would like to say a big Thank You to Umar as I passed my driving test in the first attempt in the Finglas Test Center. The classes with Umar was really valuable as his communication style is very clear and Umar exactly pointed out the gaps in my driving. Umar is also very structured in a way where he drew a lot of potential road scenarios on paper during the lessons which served as a great reference for me later during practice. Umar also gave me that much required morale boost just before the test which went a long way in my case as these tests can be very intimidating. I would definitely recommend Umar for anyone looking to do their driving tests in Ireland. :)

Renato Sutti  recommends Global Driving School. 18 February at 14:17 ·

If you're looking for an instructor that that will get you on the road and ready for your test, Umar is your guy. I highly recommend Umar for either you're a new driver or someone with experience on the road. He will tailor your lessons according to your experience and make your test preparations very efficient.

Hersh Rao  recommends Global Driving School. 13 March 

I gave my driving test 3 times and could not pass. A friend of mine told me to contact Umar. I gave him a call and he advised 4 hours driving classes with him. I immediately said yes and took all the classes (including a pretest). Everything else is History. I passed today with just 2 grade 2 mistakes. All thanks to the teaching techniques of Umar. Believe me, he actually is the best.

Umar Farooq  recommends Global Driving School. 1 February ·

One lesson and passed my test straightaway. Very professional and detailed feed back given prior to the test which helped me throughout my driving test. I almost postponed my test but GBS motivated me to go ahead. I would highly recommend GBS. Thanks to team GBS, 5* service.

Ronan Mcgrath reviewed Global Driving School – 5 star 1 February ·

Thanks to umar I passed my test first time, had a bit of a gap between my lessons but umar was able to help me get back into the correct mindset for the test and concentrated on my weak points, I highly recommend global driving school to anyone looking for a driving instructor who is so easy to get on with, explains the correct way of driving in a straight forward and easy way and really drives you to get your test first time

Krisy Neligan  recommends Global Driving School. 21 January · 

Umar is an amazing driving instructor. My driving only really clicked when I started learning with him. He's super calm, patient and just a really nice guy. He explains things thoroughly and helps you understand the rules of the road clearly. I passed today, with a near clear sheet, and this is down to Umar's excellent instruction. Thanks Umar! Would definitely recommend to any learner driver.

Emily Nolan  recommends Global Driving School. 11 January · 

Umar you are an amazing instructor and human being..Thank you so much for all your help.I would recommend Umar 1000per will not get a better instructor...Keep up the good work ..thank you...

Varun Nahata  recommends Global Driving School. 10 January ·

Umar Khan has been a big support in preparing for the final test. He takes genuine interest in your driving skills and not only prepares you to get a license but also to become a good driver. There was a lot of attention to detail given in all the manoeuvres during practice and in the numerous lessons i did with him never did i feel that he doesn’t care about what’s going on. To anyone reading my review i would 100% recommend him and the driving school he is affiliated to. Thanks a million 🚗

Ali S Donnelly  recommends Global Driving School. 9 January ·

I would completely recommend Umar as a driving Instructer! I learned so much thanks to his help and I can honestly say he was great all round - evident when I passed on my first go! 🚗

Gopakishore Kochattil  recommends Global Driving School. 27 December 2018 ·

Excellent lessons. Cleared the test on my first attempt. Very useful insights and advices to prepare for the test day. Thanks to Umar Khan for his patience and guidance throughout the journey. I highly recommend the driving school without a doubt. Thanks again Umar I owe this success to you 😊

Rodicuta Daranuta  recommends Global Driving School.18 December 2018

Today is the happiest and most important day in my life🙃😍. My dream came true! I passed the exam on the first try. I was lucky of being guided by the best instructor in the world, Mr. Umar Khan. Through the whole course of 22 lessons, he kept inspiring and encouraging me, so I never lose my confidence. Also, he is very calm, intelligent and acts professionally. Umar Khan was always very helpful and provided me with all the assistance I needed. More than that, his major interest is in witnessing the actual driving confidence of his students, and not merely the passing of the test. If I would have a chance of picking a driving school again, I would definitely select Global Driving School.

P.S. If you decide to feel the same happiness as I did and experience the same excitement, don't hesitate to contact them ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!

Shilpi Kachhwaha  recommends Global Driving School. 15 December 2018 ·

Umar is amazing guy. I came to him after taking full classes with other instructor and he did not teach me anything, so basically wasted my money. From the first class from Umar I could see the difference in my driving. He has the best balance between keeping calm and cool while also making sure to motivate you at every step. Really easy to talk to and makes you so comfortable but at the same time firm enough to point out the mistakes. I had lot of bad habits from driving in my home country which he got rid of. He was flexible with timing always, even being so busy. I cleared in second time and he especially came for me to give mock test.Though I was so miserable in the mock test with him he motivated me to calm down my nerves and I cleared. I cant thank him enough for all the support. Really a genuine person who really cares and wants to help you through at every step so you can pass. If you want to pass HE IS THE GUY😊😊

Calvin Madden  recommends Global Driving School. 8 December 2018 

I’d highly recommend global driving school. I got in contact with them literally Friday morning and my full test was today (Saturday). Umer went out of his way to rearrange a few lessons to make sure I could do my test on such short notice and I can’t thank him enough for his time and effort. A top instructor that goes over the basics very well and explains it so clearly in the space of an hour. Magnificent stuff if you ask me as other instructors would need days to go over certain things with you.

If your looking for top instructors who really care about you passing your test I’d highly recommend getting in contact with global driving school.

Thanks very much again on helping me pass my test. Wish you all the best for the future

Jessica da Silva  recommends Global Driving School. 22 November 2018 ·

Umar helped me so much to get my driving licence. The lessons were very informative and relaxed enough to keep you in the right test mode mindset. Thank you very much for all the help.

Eiméar Quinn  recommends Global Driving School. 19 November 2018 ·

Couldn't recommend Umar enough, I completed some lessons in a different driving school previously and I wasn't impressed or happy with the school. I contacted Umar after scheduling my test which was less than 2 months away. Umar was supportive, set goals and gave constructive feedback for me to work on. I wouldn't have passed without him. 5 stars thanks Umar.

Carolina Ros  recommends Global Driving School. 9 November 2018 ·

Thanks to Umar I passed my first test today. My husband also passed his test thanks to Umar, we wouldn't be able to pass without his help. Umar has a lot of knowledge and tips about the routes. I knew every road I was brough during the test thanks to him. He has patience and very clear instructions. My husband and I highly recommend him.

Mahfuz Rahman Alam  recommends Global Driving School. 6 November 2018 ·

Hi everyone I'm mahfuz rahman would like to thanks to global driving school and specially mr. umar khan for the success of my driving test pass at church town today. He is very friendly and helpfu. He picks every little mistake but it works for learning. Wish him all the best.

Mick O'Gara reviewed Global Driving School – 5* .5 November 2018 · 

Really had a great experience doing my extra lessons with Umar. He brought in a lot of extra care to detail and really helped me when I needed to pass. Could not recommend anyone better.

Syed Haider  recommends Global Driving School. 17 October 2018 ·

really helpful instructor everyone should take pre lessons from here

Weverthon Medeiros  recommends Global Driving School. 18 September 2018 ·

I passed on the first attempt. The Umar is extremely focused on details, preparing for the strictest tester. He always gave me sincere feedback. Thanks, Umar.

Tharshanan Edwin  recommends Global Driving School. 22 Aug 2018

''I highly recommend Mr Umar. Thanks to him. He made me pass my test in the first go. He is a great instructor. He enjoys and passionates being an instructor. He makes driving very simple and easy. He is punctual and very professional. Thanks again for the great help. Good luck.''

Rachel Lobo reviewed Global Driving School – 5* 31 July at 22:00

''It has been a great journey towards attaining my driving license and all the credit definitely goes to Umar my instructor who not only taught me new techniques but also tailored the lessons to improve my driving skills. His dedication and motivation always kept me fuelled up to give out my best.
To all the audience out there, I highly recommend Global Driving School if you want to get your skills right and get your license in your first attempt.
Trust me on this one, an instructor like Umar will make your whole journey and experience a piece of cake.''

Shahzad Baig reviewed Global Driving School – 5* / 30 July at 15:14
global driving school student passed driving test 26
'Umar was an excellent and extremly supportive driving instructor throughout the lessons. The lessons were very thorough and covered all aspects of the test. Umar was kind enough to customise the lessons based on my weak areas which was very helpful. I took an hour class right before the test on the day and I'm glad I did. Umar was recommened by two other collegues of mine and I would highly recommend him to other drivers as well!''
Edmundo Frota reviewed Global Driving School – 5* 29 July at 22:09 
'I passed the test in first attempt, thanks to Umar. Even though I've previous experience, he've focused on fixing my bad habits, giving me the right insights, honest feedbacks, getting me well prepared and confident for the driving test. I completely recommend Umar, he's a great instructor, very professional and a great person.''
Kervin Arlandoo reviewed Global Driving School – 5* 25 July 2018
''Successfully pass my driving test, thanks to Umar who was really patient and helpful. I would highly recommend. Thanks again Umar.''
Ali Burke reviewed Global Driving School – 5* 25 July 2018
''Thanks Umar for giving me the confidence to pass my test on the second try! Would absolutely recommend as a driving instructor for any newbie drivers whether they are just beginning or prepping for test day. Stay in touch! Ali.''
Robert Johnston reviewed Global Driving School – 5* 14 July 2018 at 21:23 · 

''Umar Khan was my instructor and I can safely say I couldn't have had a better instructor to, at first, teach me the basics and also make me a confident driver. He is very easy to get along with and is always incredibly patient and calm with you, even when you're struggling. Thanks to Umar, I passed my test first time with only one Grade 2, which is smething I never evenue dreamed of getting!''

Aneta Gucwa reviewed Global Driving School – 5* 12 July at 21:03 
Kat Eckford reviewed Global Driving School – 5* 10 July at 13:16

''Just passed my test first time.... Umar was a great instructor with patience of a saint. His focus and goal was to ensure you passed first time with the knowledge and skill to handle any situation you might face in a test. Similar to other reviewers, nothing came as a surprise as part of the test. If you are a newbie to driving like myself or even just looking for someone to truly assess your driving skills ahead of a test, I would highly recommend Global Driving School. Thanks a million Umar! I’ll be beep beeping away on the roads going forward!''

Ankit Gugale reviewed Global Driving School – 5* 2 July 2018 

''I had an excellent experience learning insights of driving a car as per Irish standards with Umar(Global driving school). Umar Khan was an excellent teacher and helped me become a confident driver.I highly recommend Umar for all the mates out there to get the driving license done in the first go.Thanks a million Umar and The Global driving school.''

Felipe Moreno reviewed Global Driving School – 5* 22 June 2018
''Umar is an excellent driving instructor, really helped me get rid of bad habits that I developed driving in the past 11 years in another country (Brazil). By following his guided training I was able pass the Irish driving test in my first attempt and I'm sure I'll carry that for life now and be a better driver. Besides being very professional and reliable he is also a great guy. I definitely recommend his services!''
Nicholas Asch reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 5 June at 11:27

''Just passed today, on the first try! Umar prepared me so that I was comfortable with the car and all the possible routes I might come across. Nothing during the actual test was a surprise. He was very strict during practice tests, but when I was passing those with him, I knew I would pass the real one. I had driving experience from the US, so Umar adapted the lessons for me to focus on clutch/gears, positioning (on the opposite side of the road!), and specifics for the Irish test. I thought I was a decent driver before, but even if I didn’t have to take a test again, I’m a safer and better driver now.''

Jose Luis Argiles reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 1 June at 12:23 

Just passed my test today with Umar as my instructor , very clear and honest feedback from Umar throughout my lessons highly recommended

''This guy was just decisive to be approved on my test. I have been driving in Brazil for 10 years but I had a lot of issues. He was patient and very meticulous. I’m very happy with him. I passed on my test today. I’m glad to meet you man. Thank you!''

Flavio Rodriguez reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 30 April 2018

Rory Williams reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 30 April 2018

Just passed my test today with Umar as my instructor , very clear and honest feedback from Umar throughout my lessons highly recommended

Saad Mahmood reviewed Global Driving School – 5*  . 16 March 2018

''Just passed my driving test today in first attempt. Umar has brilliant teaching style and prepared me very well for the test. He is very professional and calm while training. I would recommend others to take classes from him if they want to pass in first attempt.''

Rehnaz Khan reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 14 March 2018

''kind, competent and hardworking ADI "Mr. Umar" the effort he puts in with every client is really amazing.. Brilliant job..highly recommended.''

Liam Walsh reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 19 February at 20:47

''Just passed my full test today.. I done a few pre test with umar and I can’t recommend a Better instructor than umar he’s very honest with you when it comes to driving and the chances of you passing your test I’m really delighted I went with global school of driving.. anyone that’s thinking of doing there driving I’d recommend umar.. I can’t thank him enough for what he help with me the pass few months''

Saqib Malik reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 10 February 2018
Andre Carvalho reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 22 January 2018

''Hip, hip, hurrah! Passed with only one mark! Thank you again, Umar!''

Becky Tynan reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 29 December 2017

''Just passed my test with only 22 hours of driving. Umar is amazing & explains things perfectly. He helps you to understand what mistakes you've made & how to improve yourself. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Abdullah Liaqat reviewed Global Driving School –5* . 19 December at 19:34 · 

''Really appreciate for the professional services provided by Umar for my driving test. Umer is great instructor and lovely human being he really makes easier to pick things. Highly recommended.''         

Noor Malik reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 15 December at 14:54 · 

Cecilia Mendoza Tabares reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 15 December at 12.30 · 

''Excellent, I had 2 pre-test lessions with Umar was very helpful and to the point, passed first attempt''
Amy O'Reilly reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 12 December at 15:23 · 

''Passed my test today in Tallaght on my first attempt, thanks to Umar’s help! He’s very supportive and also critical about your weak areas in order to help you improve. Would definitely recommend going to him for lessons or a pretest''

Diarmuid O'Riordan reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 06 October at 14:30 · 

''Just passed my test yesterday after a few previous attempts. I hadn't driven in months when I met Umar and he was really excellent at pointing out the areas I needed to improve on when we started working together. His teaching style is brilliant and his presence is always instructive but calm and professional too so you can feel your progression after every session. Wholeheartedly recommend for people of any driving ability as you will improve in confidence, proficiency and the all important areas you need to pass your test. Wish I had done my first lessons here!!''

Fida Abbas reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 23 September at 17:44 · 

''I just passed my test for full Driving license in 1st attempt �.Thanks to Mr Umar I found him very professional and best instructor. It's my pleasure to deal with Umar.''

Passed my test yesterday at the second attempt since starting lessons/EDT in June, delighted! Managed to go from barely being able to drive 3 months ago to passing the test after a bunch of lessons with Umar. He was very supportive the whole way through, focussed on helping me correct my mistakes and improving my driving lesson after lesson. If you're doing something wrong, he'll make you fix it!

I improved greatly in a very short space of time with his help, so thanks a million Umar!

Darren reviewed Global Driving School – 5* . 19 September 2017 

Mubeen Aslam reviewed Global Driving School – 5*
05 May 2018

Leon Molly reviewed Global Driving School – 5*15 July 2018

''Did my 12 EDT lessons and 4 pretest lessons with Umar and I passed today.I highly recommend him ,he is a great teacher and you will be guaranteed to pass if you decide to go with him.I can’t thank him enough for all that he thought me !!!''

''I just pass my driving test. Thanks to Umar for all the help. If I did it is thanks to him. You are a great instructor and a great person.''

''My friend recommended Umer and he was 100% right.. the way Umer explain is wonderful I wasn’t sure if I can do it in first attempt but after met Umer I just did it in very first attempt if u guys want to do it in first attempt u can’t find better than Umer''

            Source: Facebook Reviews

global driving schoo student passed driving exam 20

''Passed my test today and what can i say umar is one of the best so firendly service full 12 edts done with him and 4 extra lessons. Such abgreat instructor couldnt recomend more to learners hes brillant''

            Source: Facebook Reviews

Niallo Hoare reviewed Global Driving School – 5*

19 December at 16:35 · 2017

Another First Time Pass. Congrats to Niallo Hoare for passing his driving test today. Nial has done 12 × EDT lessons with us. We monitor his progress closely and he followed our advice to do 4 practice lessons as a pretest. 16 lessons all in and today he passed his driving test First Time. We are proud of you Nial, what a way to start ur Christmas and New year. Have a wonderful time and enjoy your success. Be safe for many many miles ahead. 
Join our elite group and our success stories just like Nial.

global driving school student passed driving test 21

Another First Time Pass... congrats Ruaa for passing your test first time today. Great result. We are delighted for you. Enjoy your success and Safe driving for millions of miles ahead.. 
Success stories continues

Ruaa El-helali reviewed Global Driving School – 5* 

22 September - 5*

''Passed at first attempt all thanks to Umar from Global driving school!!! I had a fantastic experience with global driving school. Umar was calming, and an amazing instructor. I had originally done my EDT lessons way back with another instructor and had not driven for a long time since and decided to finally get back into it and get my lessons and test booked! From the 1st converstaion I knew i had found the best instructor. With only a few lessons and great encouragement I passed my driving test first go. I could not recommend Umar more highly.''

            Source: Google Reviews

Leon Thierry Nussbaumer reviewed Global
Driving School – 5*

8 September at 17:49 · 

 FIRST TIME PASS. Congrats Leon Nussbhumer for passing you Driving Test today with only 1 Grade 2 mistake. It was pleasure working with you. Have an excellent day, enjoy your success and safe driving for many miles ahead. Another day, another great result. Success stories continues...

Snow Drop reviewed Global Driving School – 5*

25 August at 10:44 · 

global driving school student passed her test

Big Big Congratulation to our pupil Zohra for passing her test today. When we met zohra first time, she was a nervous driver. We have worked on her driving skills and prepared her for the test. Here we are today... with a Pass. Zohra, we wish you all the best for rest of millions on miles ahead. Safe driving. 
Success stories continues...

''I just want to say thanks to Umar,he really helped me alot, After few lessons of driving and listining to his advice, I passed my test today. I have failed many times in the past because I get nurvous during the test.
Umar was tryied his best to build up my confidence, trust on skills he taught me and belive that I can do it . And I have DONE it today. Yahoooooooooooo''

             Source: Facebook Reviews

''Just passed my exam today and it was my first attempt! 
I didn't do my EDT lessons with Umar but ended up doing my pre test practice lessons with him and could not recommend other instructor. 
He's very honest about your chances to pass and work hard on your weaknesses. I was able to cover every single one of them and improve really fast.
He clearly enjoy being a driving instructor which makes the difference.
On the mock testes he was very critical, maybe even more that the testers themselves which was very good once it kept super alert all the time when testing. 
I Highly recommend it.
Thanks Umar.''

            Source: Facebook Reviews

a global driving school dublin student just passed driving test
Annmarie reviewed Global Driving School – 5*
08 July

Another First Time Pass. Congrats Ann Marie for passing your Driving Test Today. Only 2 mistakes. We hope you rectify them soon. We are delighted for you. Enjoy your success and safe driving for millions of miles ahead. And yes dont forget that camping holidays with family. 
Success stories continues...

''just want to say a big thank you for being good with me helpin with lessons my frist time and i passed after just only 4 lessons just feel so happy over the moon thanks again for everything ye have being great...���


I passed the other day and have to say I wished I had taken 12 edt lessons earlier with Umar. He is amazing and I can say that if it wasn't for his pre driving test lessons, I would be sitting for another driving test again!

            Source: Facebook Reviews

Rauny reviewed Global Driving School – 5*

8 hrs · 

Brian Brannelly‎ to Global Driving School 

Global driving school dublin student passed a test

Congrats Brian Brannelly, what a result. Brian Brannelly came to us for pretest after failing his test few times. Here we are today... Brian passed his test today in Tallaght. Safe driving for millions of miles ahead. Success stories.....

‎​18 July · 

''Thanks Umar, what an instructor. Highly recommended to everyone thanks very much global driving school!''

I just passed my test today and it was largely due to the help of my instructor Umar.

I was a very nervous driver when I started lessons with him and he was extremely kind and patient during this time. However, he also was diligent and made sure I was fully prepared for the test. Without doubt, the best driving instructor I've come across. I would recommend him to any learner driver.

            Source: Facebook Reviews

Sarah reviewed Global Driving School – 5*

26 June at 14:25 · 

Deirdre: The lessons provided by global driving school were tailored precisely to my needs! I learnt so much in a short space of time and found that the instructors went above and beyond the call of duty! I would recommend global driving school to anyone at any stage of learning! Thank you for everything!!

            Source: Facebook posts

''I wanna thank Global driving school for helping me with my driving test. also with my nervous habits there approach was much more professional then other instructors I've dealt with in the past. and its helped me and my confidence behind the wheel. I feel i am a much more confident driver now thanks to Global driving school I'd recommend them to anyone and can't thank them enough. Cheers!''

             Source: Facebook posts

Joe Hickey to Global Driving School

Rodrigo reviewed Global Driving School – 5*

17 July 2017

a global driving school dublin student just passed driving test

Congrats to our pupil Rodrigo Santos for passing his driving test today with only 2 blue marks. Rodrigo u r a brilliant driver and I wish you all the best for millions of miles ahead.. And the success stories continues...

''I just passed my test today and Umar played a big role in this achievement. He has very good teaching skills, he is patient, kind, professional and supportive. I couldn't have asked for a better driving school and instructor. Highly recommended.''

            Source: Facebook Reviews

Bidessa Ni Cleirigh reviewed Global Driving School – 5*

22 May · 

           Source:Facebook Reviews

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