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Refresher Driving Course

Great for brushing up on your driving skills, and updating your Rules of the Road knowledge. The instructor uses the first 30 minutes to gauge your skills and confidence, and identify areas that may require further improvement. Following this assessment your instructor will help you to improve your driving skills.

When do you need a Refresher Driving Lesson?

Refresher Lessons can be used for many different reasons such as:​

  • Nervous about your upcoming driving test?

Our refresher course is recommended closer to the Driving Test date. This course is designed to test your driving skills similar to RSA driving test standards and is divided into two sessions of two hours. We  will take you through a simulated road course while closely monitoring your performance. We will ensure that you achieve full potential in your driving skills, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. 

At the end of each session you will be offered a feedback and suggestion on any improvements  that you may need to apply before going for your test.

global driving school student passed test
  • Do you ever feel tense or intimidated when driving? 

Whether it’s commuting, popping to the shops, or taking the kids out, driving is an essential part of personal, family and work life for millions of us. And that’s part of the problem: with so many drivers on the road today, what should be a useful quick way from A to B, or a leisurely drive on quieter roads, can too often feel more like a stressful chore. Sometimes you completely forget the thrill you got when you passed your driving test! ​We are here for you to help you to overcome any fear you might have from driving. 

We also offer Refresher driving lessons for those who wish to return to driving after a break, or just wish to update their driving skills to meet the demands of modern driving. It will help you become a better, safer and more confident driver. Re-learning safe driving principles reduces the risk to yourself and your passengers – and automatically to other road users. It’s a quick, easy and useful way to update your driving skills and get impartial advice from a professional driving instructor.

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