Essential Driver Training - EDT Lessons

EDT Lessons (Essential Driver Training) has become compulsory for first time car learner permit holders. Our RSA qualified Approved Driving Instructor during these driving lessons will teach you how to be a safe driver on the road and achieve all the skills necessary to pass your driving test exam.

  • Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a mandatory training course that teaches fundamental driving skills to learner car drivers. It is part of the RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) scheme and is intended to improve road safety.

  • EDT is only part of the learning process, you will need lots of practice and may need more lesson to become a safe driver.


  • If the date of issue on your first learner permit in Category B is on or after 4 April 2011, you must complete EDT before you are allowed to take your full driving test.

  • EDT is not required if your first learner permit was issued before 4 April 2011.

The first lesson you'll receive is one session of two hours and is strictly private. Our instructors will conveniently pick you up and return you to your home or place of business at the end of each lesson (within reasonable range, details are usually discussed with the insructor). The second and subsequent lessons are taught for 2 hours (a double lesson).

Our in-depth research has proven that students will learn faster and retain more by covering TWO LESSONS at each appointment!

  • Starting, Stopping & Turning Techniques

  • Controlled Braking

  • Mirrors & Blind Spots

  • Backing up & Parking

  • Learning to Always Leave Yourself an Out

  • Control Through Intersections

  • Safe Following Distances & 

  • Defensive driving

In our lessons we will emphasise the importance of responsible driving and the need to drive defensively. The lessons will include::

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Pre test and Car hire

Our ADI will pick you up from home or meet you at the Test Centre before your Driving Test. ADI will take you for a mock test on test routes and examine your driving by marking test sheet. We will advise you on any serious mistakes that may occur before you do your official driving test. Also, using the drive to mentally prepare you to focus on the task ahead. After the comprehensive drive we will accompany you to be signed over to an assessor for your test. 

Manual Vehicle:

1 Hour Pretest (Mock Test) & Car Hire for the driving test:   €140.00

2 Hours Pretest (Mock Test) & Car Hire for the driving test: €170.00 (save €10.00)

Automatic Vehicle:

1 Hour Pretest (Mock Test) & Car Hire for the driving test:   €150.00

2 Hours Pretest (Mock Test) & Car Hire for the driving test:  €180.00 (save €20.00)

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Refresher EDT Lessons

Nervous about your upcoming driving test? Our refresher course is recommended closer to the Driving Test date. This course is designed to test your driving skills similar to RSA driving test standards and is divided into two sessions of two hours. We  will take you through a simulated road course while closely monitoring your performance. We will ensure that you achieve full potential in your driving skills, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. At the end of each session you will be offered a feedback and suggestion on any improvements  that you may need to apply before going for your test.

Everyone is different, based on previous experience and their ability to learn, but our intensive refresher driving courses are tailored to suit your requirements and help you receive your driving licence faster.

Global Driving School have been teaching people of all ages to drive and achieved over 95% RSA test passes a year and a solid reputation through word of mouth.

€ 120.00

2 Hours Advanced Driving Lessons

We have a range of various packages that are designed to fit around your life, whether you're at work, college, university, or looking after children. We offer ''pay as you go'' option and block booking discounts to help financially too! We also accept all major credit & debit cards.

These lessons are designed to teach you just that wee bit of extra that you probably haven't practised yet. Do you need to boost your confidence on the motorway or you would like to know just how to perform the perfect parallel parking in the city? We have just the right course for you.

You can choose from one of the following courses:

  • Advanced driving course

Taking into consideration your specification, this course includes advice and practice on defensive driving, hazard perception, country road drive, busy city centre drive, motorway drive (subject to licence permission, no L drivers) and night time driving.

Each element can be combined in the tuition to suit your needs. You will be learning how to make decision in different situations. Also, we will teach you forward parking left and right, reverse parking left and right and ultimately, reverse parallel parking. In general, advanced driving skills are techniques that you don’t get taught during the course of normal driving lessons.


Not only is the ability to drive manual a fantastic skill to gain, it's fun!

Motorway Driving Lessons are a popular addition to new drivers to help gain confidence and understanding of motorway driving (please note, this option is not available for Learner drivers).

To new drivers the thought of going up that slip road for the first time is pretty daunting. Everything is faster and motorway drivers just seem to drive 'differently'. We'll help you get to grips with motorways pretty quickly, from the legal conventions to general motorway etiquette.

The benefits of having motorway driving lessons should hopefully make you a safer driver on the Irish motorway network.

Motorway driving is different from urban driving. Speeds are obviously much higher and stopping distances are much longer, the little ‘dot’ you see in your mirrors can sometimes catch you in seconds. Driving skills developed on different road types need to be adapted for the changed environment, as there are new things to learn and skills to develop. A motorway lesson would obviously be of benefit to a recently qualified driver, but we also give tuition and coaching to more experienced drivers who may lack confidence or perhaps just want to hone their skills further in order to ‘do it right’.

  • Oversea license conversion course

We will ensure you transfer your international license quickly and successfully in as few lessons as possible (however the mandatory 12 hour Essential Driving Training still applies).

It can be a frustration and an inconvenience to have your already competent skills reassessed. The processes you were taught are by no means wrong, just different to the Irish system. Through intensive lessons tailored to equip you with the necessary skills to quickly adapt, we will give a detailed tour of any relevant areas frequented by assessors while providing necessary feedback on your driving style. If needed, we will explain which areas of your driving need a little more focus and adjustment to meet RSA standards and of course answer any questions you may have about Irish road laws and signage.

  • Auto to manual conversion course

The obvious difference is the introduction of your left foot to the driving process, which can feel quite unnatural at first. But by the end of the first lesson you and your left foot will operate the clutch to confidently gain momentum and successfully change through gears to both drive and slow the vehicle. Once clutch control is mastered, lessons focus on driving in traffic. Manual driving requires a higher level of engagement from the driver to slow the vehicle and/or react to sudden change. In order to drive safely and competently, the driver must be aware at all times. This includes anticipating changes on the road ahead and around the vehicle, and reacting appropriately.

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4 Hours Theory Preparation Course

We will provide all learning materials, including mock questionnaire and the Rules of the road book. While we can not put all the knowledge into your head in just four hours without your self-thought contribution, we can assure that you would get all the explanation needed to pass your test. Should you have any questions in your mind or any topic that isn't clear we will explain you one by one the know how. 

Your instructor will meet you at a place and time agreed at the time of booking.

Pass your theory test with us!


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Please note we take payments for bookings in advance.

Cash/Credit or Debit Card paid directly to your ADI 

There are a number of ways to pay your fees: 

Over the phone - we accept most types of both debit and credit card payments

Online - through your PayPal Account or Bank Transfer

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Remember, driving should be fun. If you follow the given instructions fully, correct any errors and behave safely and responsibly, you’ll be able to enjoy your car and your freedom for many years to come.

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